Bridal Table Decorations That Stun and Won't Cost A Cent Extra

 We recently did the flower arrangements and event hire at the wedding at Botanic Gardens, and then the wedding reception at the Adelaide Oval, for Chris and Casey.

The bride chose a clever set-up for the bridal table. 

The pic below shows the flower urns used at the ceremony.  We brought them  from the church, two huge urns featuring the flame flower palette chosen by the bride.  We repurposed them on plinths above and behind the bride and groom.


We then featured the bride's 2-metre long cascading rose bouquet to become  the centrepiece on and in front of the bridal table.

Finally, we re-purposed the  bridesmaids' bouquets in matte ceramic vases on the table.  

Using water sources for the flowers during the day where possible creates a bonus — if the bride and bridesmaids want to preserve their bouquets in the future the water sources will help the process.

We ended with a stunning set-up that used the bridal flowers to their fullest extent, and saved money as well, a win-win...


 (See our guest table decorations above left)

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