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Informal Floral Casket Arrangement for Funerals

We offer the compassion, understanding and peace of mind that come with our experience in the funeral industry.


We listen.

When the time comes to say goodbye to someone you love, we help you honour their life by listening carefully to what you want. 

We understand every single person is unique — we want to help embody the spirit of the unique person you love. We listen and work exactly as you wish to make the funeral the very best possible representation of your loved person. 

We work with you to create your unique funeral flowers, advising on the types of flowers and the ways we arrange them. We inform you of seasonal availability and ways we can substitute blooms if we need to. 

For each funeral we create bespoke arrangements that speak of the person and their life, tributes to the gardener, the artist, the creative, the person out of the box, reflecting their own personality.

Hi, Kate
I wanted to thank you for the flowers for Dad's funeral. They were beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. It was a lovely service and very touching to say goodbye. 
I've attached a photo
Thanks Kate..
Funeral arrangement, image taken by customer


 Kate, our owner, is a different florist. She works with many varied styles of flowers and foliage. These include soft seasonals such as lilies, and classic whites in non-traditional arrangements, and native blooms. Kate has refined her own unique style, garden-gathered, to show lightness and air in all her work, stamping her trademark of differing heights to emphasise the life in her blooms.  


We offer free delivery for all funeral flowers as our contribution to your needs. We deliver in the Adelaide metropolitan area to the service, and to other venues. We can also arrange for your collection.

Please call Kate on 0478 050 678 or contact us here to discuss. 

Casket arrangements 






Vase Arrangements

Petals, Sprigs and Leaves to Place

We arrange for individual offerings, often placed on the casket, or in to the grave.  These include rose petals, lavender or rosemary sprigs, eucalyptus leaves, or whichever floral you feel embodies the person whose life is being celebrated. This does depend on seasonal availability, and we can advise on this.

Rose Petals and other Petals

Multi-coloured petals for funerals, to place

Lavender Sprigs

Lavender sprigs for funerals to place

Rosemary Sprigs

Rosemary Sprigs for Funerals to Place

Eucalyptus Leaves

Blue Eucalyptus Leaves to Place for Funerals
Please call Kate on 0478 050 678 or contact us here to discuss arrangements.
Fresh flower arrangements comfort us with their beauty and remind us of the constant cycle and renewal of life.