• Valentine's Day - Questions you're too afraid to ask your florist!

    Valentine's Day is coming very soon!

    Here are answers to common FAQs about what to give. 

    From the 'Questions you might be too afraid to ask' blog series.

  • Making a Grand Entrance at Your Wedding!

    A staircase adorned with the colours of nature, bringing in the outdoors in a formal setting — what an entrance that makes! Every wedding is different and Kate and Vee of The Wild Flower Company love the fresh challenges each bride brings them. Here's what they did wth the staircase at the Ellington Function Centre in Adelaide.

  • Styling your Wedding To Use Flowers Cleverly

    Here's how you can save money and give your wedding flowers maximum impact on the day.  Pics show how we've done it.

    See also our blog Bridal Table Decorations That Stun and Won't Cost A Cent Extra.

  • Bridal Table Decorations That Stun and Won't Cost A Cent Extra

    We recently did the flower arrangements and event hire at a wedding reception at the Oval in Adelaide. The bride chose a clever set-up for the bridal table and it didn't cost a cent extra. Here's how we did it...
  • How much imported product are florists using in Australia?

    I'm Kate, owner of The Wild Flower Company, and I talk here about how much imported product is used in the Australian florist industry.

    I prefer buying local if at all possible and source locally from increasing small regional suppliers. 

    This might be my preference, but it doesn't mean I don't work with imported flowers when necessary running a commercial business. 

  • The ‘High’ Cost of Flowers for Weddings

    The 'High' Cost of Flowers for Weddings

    I would love to talk about the ‘wedding tax’ and a common belief that as soon as the client mentions the word ‘wedding’ the price goes up three times.

    However, the truth is that if you mention the word ‘wedding’ the workload for me as a florist goes up by about six times. I'll tell you how, here.

  • Flowers don’t last — and that’s a good thing

    I often hear people say that flowers don't last ... and I think it's a good thing.
  • What Wedding Flowers Do We Need?

    Kare gives you a full list of all the flowers you may want on your wedding day, from bouquets to buttonholes.
  • Caring For Your Indoor Plant in Winter

    We’ve compiled our three top tips for taking care of your houseplants this winter.