Our Style & Philosophy


Kate’s unique style at The Wildflower Company is best described as ‘Australian garden-gathered’. It draws on the ‘garden-gathered’ style of the UK, which Kate learnt when she worked for some years for Pollination, a leading florist in Edinburgh, Scotland. There, she learnt a newer style of floristry that visualises flowers as ‘a garden-gathering’, breathing life and movement into formal stiffer arrangements still seen today.

When Kate returned to Adelaide and started The Wildflower Company floristry, she taught herself to adapt this style to the vastly different Mediterranean-type climate and the native flowers and foliage here. Kate’s style is unique in appealing to those who love Australian natives or lashings of foliage and to those who would like a seamless blend of flowers celebrating different textures and styles.

Her arrangements are always unique, eye-catching and balanced. We recognise the artistry in flower arrangements subliminally. We don’t always know how it’s done. But experienced florists such as Kate can recognise even which particular florist has made a hand-tied bouquet. That is why Kate’s unique style calls to particular people and draws them to her work. Her business continues to grow. Half her orders come from interstate and the UK, recognising her different style.

As for her customers, Kate’s service is second to none. She is always available for consultation on every matter, and spends all the time needed for nervous brides. Kate believes that love is for everyone and she provides the very best for every unique inclusive occasion with two brides, two grooms — she’s there for you — it’s your day!

Kate is passionate about sourcing recycled and eco-friendly materials as often as possible. She looks to reduce waste particularly by trialling and using new florist tools and equipment that uses reusable, recyclable or biodegradable alternatives.