Caring For Your Indoor Plant in Winter

One little post about the high demands of a fiddle leaf fig on instagram and we were overwhelmed by how many of you are in the same boat at the moment — putting in all this love and attention into your houseplants, but they’re still not at their best right now. Believe it or not, winter is probably the easiest time to kill a house plant, so we’ve compiled our three top tips for taking care of your houseplants this winter.


We know all too well how important a bit of sunlight can be to your mood in the middle of winter, and your plants are no different. Make sure you shuffle them about, ideally closer to the windows to make sure they’re getting as much winter sun as possible. Also, give them a little dust at the same time. This will help them properly absorb all that light.

It’s pretty hard to sunbathe when you’re clothed head to toe!


As tempting as it can be, try not to overwater your little babies. Most plants will need half as much water as usual at this time of year, even less for those succulents. Don’t just test the top soil, go a bit of a way down to see if it’s still holding moisture before you water them again. Drainage is more important than ever at this time of year, and make sure they aren’t left sitting in water for too long.


Now is not the ideal time to repot. As temping as it is, try to hold off until spring when root growth isn’t as slow and the soil isn’t staying as wet. If you still feel the need to play with your plants (and believe me- we know that feeling!) feel free to go nuts with the pruning. Cut back any yellow/brown leaves or any vines that look ‘leggy’.


We're coming into winter, so good luck with your little babies — we believe in you!

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