Flowers don’t last — and that’s a good thing

As a florist I often muse over conversations I’ve had with customers, or remarks I’ve heard about flowers that have made me think.

I hear it often: “Don’t buy flowers because flowers don’t last.”

Yes, fresh natural flowers have a short life, from days to perhaps a week, two if you’re lucky. We’re blessed in Australia that our natives will often last for a few weeks.

But —

The fact that flowers don’t last contributes to their beauty.

It adds to their effervescence.

It gives a special glow of pleasure to the viewer each time they are looked at and admired.

These moments in time are to be treasured.

It’s not a reason for sadness that they will die.

It’s a reason for gladness that they lived.

And a reason for gratitude that Nature gave them to us, to celebrate the special moments in our lives.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope you have a fab day!


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