How much imported product are florists using in Australia?

Hi, I'm Kate and here's my answer to a question I often get asked.

I prefer buying local if at all possible, and I see more and more local suppliers appearing in the Adelaide region.They're usually small flower farms, and some hobby farms.

People are growing flowers and foliage as alternative sources of income, and because they enjoy doing it. I think COVID in our lives has resulted in people choosing another sort of life.

As a florist this has meant diversity and freshness in my buying. Fro example, I've bought cosmos flowers from a farm in the hills, a gorgeous old-style flower rarely available because of its fragility and short shelf life. I'm always looking for local suppliers but some are still very small, meaning a 50km trip each way for a couple of bunches. This has it's own implications in terms of time spent, fuel burnt and sustainability. 

An interesting site is Grown not Flown based in NSW where small local suppliers advertise their products. I'm looking forward to seeing it grow in the smaller states. 

This might be my preference, but it doesn't mean I don't work with imported flowers when necessary running a commercial business. I need a stable supply, at reasonable prices.  As well, clients for my weddings, daily deliveries and corporate events often order flowers that aren't available in South Australia or Australia, or not in season.

We're quite lucky in Adelaide with brilliant wholesale flower markets where you can source a mix of local and imported blooms.

I respond to demand but I'm also on the lookout to lessen my reliance on imports by using Adelaide regional suppliers. Please get in touch if you're a local supplier and we'll talk flowers.

Have a fab day,



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