Valentine's Day - Questions you're too afraid to ask your florist!

'Questions you might be too afraid to ask' blog series

This a our 'questions you might be too afraid to ask with answers from your friendly neighbourhood florist' blog series. We want to take the mystery out of floristry. We all have lots of questions about life, and sometimes you might think they might sound silly. They’re not! No question is too simple or basic for us to answer. And if you can’t see your question answered here please call me, Kate, on +61 478 050 678 and I will be very pleased to discuss it with you.

Valentine’s Day

Why are roses so expensive on Valentine’s Day? 

Like petrol prices, the wholesale cost of flowers rises and falls with supply and demand. And globally, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on only one date, February 14, so demand is at its highest then. So, as most flowers in Australia are imported, Aussie florists then have to charge a lot for roses and still make very little on them. 

So that’s why we still provide the classic rose bouquet but with a slightly more expensive price tag. As another option, if for you Valentine’s has to be about roses, we can happily make you a bouquet featuring roses with other complementary blooms — and it will knock your socks off. Or another option—there’s never a better day to ask us to use as many Aussie flowers as possible so our local flowers are supported.  We're working as much as we can with local growers in the hills, and our market bunches will be made from gorgeous locally grown flowers. 

Do I have to send red roses?

Absolutely not! These are the cliché flowers for Valentine’s for a good reason. They do spell romance. But if your partner likes yellow then by all means send yellow roses. Or send other flowers. If you order specific flowers you know your partner likes then you are showing your partner you know them as well as love them.

How can I get more bang for my buck as flowers can be expensive?

The market bunch is the best way to go. If you're not fussy about the flowers you get, we have the opportunity to get what's nicest and freshest from the market, and send you out a spectacular bouquet. 

Do I have to send flowers on Valentine’s? I'm not sure if flowers are what my partner wants?

No, you don’t! Your partner will feel appreciated and cherished if you instead choose a personal gift that shows you have thought about what they would like.

In our gift range, we have pamper hampers, pot plants, mugs, cushions, framed prints, coffee travel mugs, candles, face masks and more. Please browse here and see what might feature in your partner’s life and show them how much you care about them.

Do you have plants? I think my partner likes them?

We sure do!  Check out the plants we're selling here

When do you deliver for Valentine's Day?

We'll have three delivery cars on the road all day and the day before. So when you order you choose the delivery day that suits you best. 

When should I order for Valentine’s?

Now, we know it’s a last-minute decision and we take that into account but really the sooner the better. Then you can relax because we’ve got the flowers you want and the delivery day that suits you best all booked in

Galentine’s Day? What’s that all about?

This is a super cute concept from overseas gaining traction here in Australia. The idea is that Valentine’s is a special day to treat and honour your partner, and Galentine’s does the same for your all-important best friends, your gal pals of all genders. Gal’s is held on February 13. The most important thing is to celebrate your friendship with gals. If you want to mark the day with flowers or a gift from our range by all means go ahead. But all you need is you and your pals on the day.

Got any further questions? Contact us here and one of our friendly neighbourhood florists will be happy to help you out!

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