Styling your Wedding To Use Flowers Cleverly

You can save a lot of money by choosing and using your wedding flowers so they'll have maximum impact on the day.

We work with you to look for several ways to use the same piece, and discuss with you how it could look. We also give you ideas for how to style a particular area of your celebration.

To get the maximum out of your bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets, brides often use them at the reception. Your bridal bouquet is the perfect feature if you have a bridal table or a prominent area. We can style it as a central feature or an eye-catching display to the side.

We've talked in another blog about placing the trailing bridal bouquet above and behind the bridal couple’s heads at the bridal table.  See our blog Bridal Table Decorations That Stun and Won't Cost A Cent Extra.

We place vases with water at the ready, to keep all the bouquets fresh at the reception. These can all go on one table but a better use for them, depending on the venue, is to scatter them as table decorations. They look great and you get the most out of them. They'll still be in good condition to take home at the end of the day.

Similarly, the ceremony flowers can usually be brought to the reception to be featured again, up-cycling their gorgeousness.

Look at the next two pics, how we did this:

We used the ceramic urns at the Botanic Gardens, and then at the reception. Yes, the huge flower urns not only did double duty, they framed the arrival of the bridal couple twice.

Ask us any time about your wedding.

Have a fab day!



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